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Accelerated Reader is a computer programme that helps teachers manage and monitor student’s independent reading practice and improve Literacy .

STAR Reading is an assessment in Accelerated Reader which is carried out several times a year. It has been aligned with the national curriculum to allow tutors/teachers to easily track student progress alongside the skills required in the curriculum. It reports in a number of different ways including standardised scores, percentile ranks and scaled scores.

Students will take a star test several times a year at regular intervals. Following the Star test, each student receives a reading range/Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD).  The Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) suggests the readability-level range from which a student should be selecting books for optimal growth in reading without frustration.

Students choose books within their reading range and take a quiz on each book when they have finished. This must be taken within 2 days of finishing the book to ensure it is a test of the students comprehension of the book. Quizzing after the 2 day rule leads to poor quiz results as it becomes more of a memory test rather than a comprehension test. All students are set a target to achieve 85% or above in their quizzes as this demonstrates a good understanding of the book. Differentiation is applied for every student via the level of the book.

The points target is generated for each individual student based on their performance in the Star test. This target is set each term and if a student achieves their target then they are usually performing well in their quizzes and are spending the recommended amount of time reading for pleasure and progress.

The Star test and quiz data generates various valuable reports which are monitored closely by the Librarian, English teachers, tutors, Student Support and the Basic Skills team. The reports make it easy to identify students that require intervention, students that aren't reading enough and students that are coasting along instead of choosing more challenging reading material.

The librarian also monitors latest quiz results of students visiting the library, to loan a book, to encourage 'Smart Choices'. Quiz score of 85% or above: students will move up in their reading range for their next book. Quiz score below 85%: discuss possible reasons for not meeting their target and decided on best level of book from there - usually moving down within their range or coming up with helpful strategies to aid success.

Parents can monitor their child’s progress towards their targets in Accelerated Reader by logging into Home Connect. They can also view what their child has been reading and quizzing on and sign up to receive automated progress emails each time their child takes a quiz.

Accelerated Reader has almost quadrupled the amount of library loans at Casterton College, Rutland and highlighted to students and parents the importance of reading for pleasure and progress.


Please note if unsure of your Accelerated Reader log in details, contact Mrs Scott, Librarian



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