Active Learn

Students are required to complete several tasks online through the Pearson Active Learn website, based on the topics that have been taught over recent weeks.

Students have been issued with their login details.

Students are encouraged to ask for help if it is needed.If there are any IT issues at home the work will need to be completed at school during social times.

Browser support:

Tablet compatibility:

EdexcelGCSE Mathematics 9–1 works on the tablets listed below.

Tablets running iOS 5.1 and later: iPad 2.0 and later, iPad Air, iPad Mini.

Tablets running Android 4 and later: Samsung Galaxy Tablet and other android tablets with 10-inch display.

ActiveLearn works best on these devices using Chrome or Firefox rather than the standard browser.

The Nexus-7 and other 7-inch tables are not supported.

Recommended software to make full use of our resources:

  • Adobe Reader 8 and higher
  • Adobe Flash Player v10 and higher
    Latest versions of Adobe software are available at

Microsoft Office 2003 and higher (and compatible alternative)

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