We are very proud of the excellent attendance level achieved by our students at CCR.  Across the entire college students attend frequently and therefore make excellent progress.  This, of course, is due to the co-operation of parents and carers who keep absence to an absolute minimum.  Absence owing to illness is, of course, unavoidable.  However, there are occasions when a student’s absence is a cause for concern.  We feel this is an important opportunity to share with you what steps will be taken by CCR if your child fails to attend college. 

It is also important that you are aware of how and when outside agencies, particularly the Social, Inclusion and Development Officer (SIDO) for Rutland, may become involved in your child’s attendance.  We have a duty to co-operate fully with outside agencies to ensure that the law regarding college attendance is fully and unfairly implemented.

Further information and support is available from the Attendance Officer.

Parent/Carer Responsibility

  • Please arrange routine medical and dental appointments during college holidays or after 3.40pm.  We do understand that hospital appointments are subject to availability.
  • On the first day of absence telephone the college before 8.45am to explain the absence.  If no contact is made with the college, our first day calling system will be activated, and a text message sent asking the parent to contact us giving the reason for absence.
  • If no contact has been made, on day two the Attendance Officer will contact the parent directly.  If no valid reason is given, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.
  • If your child has ongoing medical conditions that affect their attendance, please contact the Attendance Officer who can provide support.

College/SIDO Responsibility

The Attendance Officer and SIDO will monitor the student’s attendance closely and targets will be set to improve attendance.
The SIDO will be made aware of any student whose attendance falls below 95.9%.

You might think that 90% attendance is good. The illustration below shows just how attendance rates impact on learning and attainment.


Students should always aim for 100% attendance - it's as simple as that.

The Attendance Officer and SIDO will follow up each student according to their procedures. 
Parents or carers may be invited to a college and/or Local Authority Attendance Panel in order to explain and resolve the student’s low attendance.
If a student’s attendance remains under 93% the Attendance and Inclusion service may be compelled to place the parent or carer at Stage 1 of the LA’s prosecution procedure.
An immediate attendance target will be set to avoid prosecution under Section 444 of the 1986 Education Act.
Failure to meet the LA’s target will result in further formal proceedings and possible prosecution in court.

Monitoring and feedback

Once a student’s attendance falls below our target of 96% a letter will be issued.  It may be that there are perfectly valid reasons for such an attendance level.  However, this may be an opportunity for parents and carers to raise with the college any issues which may be significant and affect their child at college:

  • finding work or relationships in college difficult
  • factors outside college that affect attendance
  • ongoing medical issues

Family Holidays

All absence from college impacts on the effectiveness of student learning.  For this reason, we no longer authorise any holiday absence during term time, except for exceptional circumstances.  A form will still need to be completed, at least two weeks in advance, and submitted to inform the college if you intend to remove your child from college during term time.

Please note that an authorised absence will be a once in a lifetime special circumstance.  This means that the college will only authorise one period of absence during your child’s time at Casterton.

A fixed penalty notice may be issued by the Local Authority if you choose to take unauthorised term time holiday.  Each parent may be liable to a penalty of £60 per child if paid within 21 days and £120 per child if paid after the 21 days but before 28 days.  This ruling applies to each child taken out who is on roll at the College.


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