Current Lower Ability

Current Lower Ability Students

At Casterton, our ethos is that ‘ability is not fixed’ so we prefer to use the phrase ‘currently lower ability’ to show that with hard work and a positive attitude everyone’s ability can improve.

The Department for Education (DfE) however, define ability in terms of a child’s average SAT score at the end of Year 6 in primary school. In the past, those with an average score below level 4, were deemed to be current lower ability but in the primary testing system introduced in 2016, Year 7 students are now defined as current lower ability if they achieve an average score of below 96 which is approximately top 10% of each year group.

Current Lower Ability children (CLA) at Casterton make good progress, exceeding the national average.

                                                                                2014                       2015                       2016                                      

Progress 8                                                           N/A                        0.46                        0.07

5 A*-C (with English and maths)                                9%                          13%                        13%

English C or above                                           18%                        27%                        19%

Maths C or above                                            27%                        27%                        38%

Value Added                                                      952                         997                         1014


We closely monitor and support the progress of our current lower ability children and we work hard to make sure they:

  • have good self esteem
  • feel valued and supported
  • are happy in school
  • achieve their potential

We have a current lower ability team that take responsibility for ensuring our CLA children are given all the support and self-belief they need to make good progress.

Where they have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND), the CLA and SEND teams work closely together, to support each CLA child. In Year 7 and 8 these teams also work closely with the basic skills team, who focus on supporting children’s reading, and writing and numeracy which is why our CLA children catch-up so quickly with their peers.

For more information and an evaluation of the impact on our catch-up literacy and numeracy programme see the parents’ section of this website.

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