GCSE and A Level Results

Results 2016


Casterton is the top school in Stamford and Rutland on both attainment and progress measures and in the top 1% of East Midlands schools .

5 A*-C                                                                                                                     80%  Best in Rutland and Stamford

English and Maths                                                                                             76%  Best in Rutland and Stamford

5 A*-C (with English and Maths)                                                                                  73%  Best in Rutland and Stamford

Progress 8                                                                                                             0.41  Best in Rutland and Stamford

Attainment 8                                                                                                       54.80 Best in Rutland and Stamford

A*-B                                                                                                                        49%   Best in Rutland and Stamford

Gap between pupil premium 5 A*-C (English and maths)             

 and all non-pupil premium  students nationally                                   9%

Higher ability progress 8 (for comparison with grammar schools)  0.5    (well above)

Higher ability pupil premium progress 8                                                   0.56 (well above)

Middle ability progress 8                                                                                 0.43 (above)

SEN progress 8                                                                                                    0.41 (above)

Services progress 8                                                                                           0.38 (above)

Pupil premium progress 8                                                                              0.32 (above)

Progress 8 (the new main headline measure for school performance)

0.5>1                     Well above average (top 5% of schools nationally)

0>0.5                     Above average (top 25% of schools nationally)

0                              Average

-0.5>0                   Below average

-1>0.5                   Well below average


A-Level 2016

Average Point Score per academic student                          785.93

Average points score per entry                                                 211

A Level progress score                                                                   0.27 (Well above national average progress)


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