Parents can express their views about the college in the following ways:

  • Parent Panel, which meets three times a year
  • Annual online parent survey
  • Logging on to Ofsted ‘Parentview’ and registering as a parent of this school

Parents can also communicate with individual staff via their college emails which are given on this website

Parents can track the progress of their child on a daily basis by logging on to our SIMS Learning Gateway (SLG) system. From here they can see their child’s behaviour and attendance record as well as any prep they have.

All parents receive three progress updates a year which show the progress of their child against their targets. Every child is set the target of making ‘excellent progress’ when compared to all children nationally.

Last year over 80% of our children made expected progress and nearly 50% exceeded expected progress, which is well above the national average.

Parents also attend

Academic Tutorials          meeting their child’s personal tutor to assess overall progress

Parents Consultation       meeting with each of their child’s teachers to assess progress

Nearly 80% of our parents attended parents’ evenings last year.

Year 7 parents can also have a 10 minute conversation with senior leaders at our termly Parent Surgeries, immediately after school on Wednesday of the penultimate week of each term.

Finally, Student Services is open at 8.15am every day for all general enquiries.


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