Electives consist of a vast array of extra-curricular experiences that help to broaden and/or deepen knowledge, helping you to develop a wider range of interests. They will give you the opportunity to work with a wider range of students, sometimes across different year groups; working towards developing team-work, communication, contribution and leadership skills. Electives fall under the pathways of Activity, Creativity, Enterprise & Innovation.

When do Electives Happen?

Electives are a compulsory part of the timetable. They take place on wednesday afternoon and students are given the opportunity to choose which Electives they do. All electives run for 6 weeks at a time unless stated otherwise. Some electives will finish later than the school day and others will be hosted off site, away from college

Do students get to choose their Electives?

In Year 7 your first term of Electives will be taking part in a new initiative called Study Skills, so you will not need to opt for an Elective for term 1. When you are are in Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11) you may be selected to attend GCSE Intervention Sessions; these are run to enable you to achieve the highest possible grade that you are capable of at GCSE .

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