Student Safeguarding Guide

Student information

If you have any concerns regarding your own safety or the safety of another student please speak to:

Mrs K Quigley – Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead for the college or her deputies Miss J Winterbourne or Miss G Bates

If you feel you have a trusted adult in the college that you would feel more comfortable in talking to please do.

Every student at Casterton College Rutland has the right to feel safe and to be safe. This not only covers physical safety, but emotional and mental safety too.

We are committed to making sure that all students are safe in college.  Where any possible issues may arise, where someone does not feel safe, if something has happened, or if a student has concerns that something might happen to threaten someone else’s safety, then we can do something to help.

If someone makes you feel unhappy, hurts or upsets you please go straight to Student Services and inform them what has happened.

We Promise to:

LISTEN carefully and take your concerns seriously

ACT sensitively and explain what will happen next

GIVE REASSURANCE that we can help

NEVER JUDGE – we are here to help

RECORD what is said

REACT – take appropriate action to address the issues raised either internally or via external agency   


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