Transition Programme

As a college Casterton believes that it is imperative that Year 6 students have a positive and exciting transition into Year 7. It is vital that they feel confident and equipped to make the transition into the college at the start of the academic year.


  • To reassure Year 6 students about their transition to CastertonCollege and to prepare them for College life.
  • To support parents and to enable them to fully support their child through the transition process.
  • For primary school staff to pass on key information about the Year 6 cohort in order for the College to gather relevant information about each individual student.
  • For our Year 6 cohort to experience college life through our 5 days transition programme and become familiar with the environment.

The transition period can be worrying for students and parents alike. We aim to ensure that it is as seamless as possible. As a college we work closely with primary schools to enable studentsto settle quickly, we endeavor to ensure they can do so confidently and are in a position to develop socially, emotionally and academically. Parents are encouraged to work with us from day one and so they can be confident that their child will move smoothly onto the next phase of their educational life.

We feel that in order to achieve a positive transition, it is beneficial for students to experienceCastertonCollege life through our transition programme as follows;

  • Our transition team visits your child in the primary setting and meets with Year 6 teachers in June.
  • A transition evening takes place at the end of June prior to our transition week. This is a key event where students and their parents meet members of staff including personal tutors, senior team and the Principal.
  • Transition week allowsstudents to have taster lessons in a variety of subjects, experience the day to day life of the college as well as participating in teambuilding and social activities which have been developed to raise confidence and self-esteem. Students meet key members of staff and have the opportunity to ask questions to ensure they are prepared for the start of the academic year.
  • Extended transition in partnership with our primary colleagues whichis organised through the SEND Manager to provide additional support for vulnerable students and those with additional needs if required.

Prior to starting at Casteton College parents need information regarding the processes for the transition of their child from primary to secondary school. To ensure that parents have all the relevant information required the college achieves this through:

  • Open evenings in July and September of each academic year give parents the opportunity to visit and learn about the College.
  • A welcome letter is sent out by the Principal to all students who successfully gain a place at the college in the spring.
  • A transition pack is presented to the students when a staff visits the primary schools in June, this includes a variety of information required prior to transfer.
  • The transition evening in June during which there will be opportunities to meet the Principal, senior team, staff and personaltutor.
  • Throughout Term 1 we hold drop-in  surgeries for Year 7 parents once every 6 weeks after school with a member of Senior Staff for a 10  minute conversation regarding your child.
  • Open week in July, visit us at any time
  • Open invitation for a tour and 1:1 With the Principal every Thursday 9.00-10.30 am

Our transition team liaises with the primary schools and provide us with relevant transition documentation for each student who has gained a place at the college.  This aids us to ensure we have a complete overview of your child’s academic progress, additional needs, details regarding their social emotional development and any medical concerns.

We can then use this information to ensure you child has a smooth and successful transition into the college.


Director of Behaviour & Attendance Mrs Kim Quigley
Transition Officer Mrs Sam Amos
SEND Manager Mrs Sian Dwyer

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