Vision and Values

The amazing thing about Casterton College, Rutland, is what happens every day in every lesson.

It is inspiring to find an educational environment where staff and students strive every day to be better than they were yesterday. At Casterton College, Rutland we have teachers who constantly develop their skills and expand their repertoire in order to provide students with an outstanding learning experience that challenges them every hour of every day. When this is coupled with first rate classroom assistants, mentors, tutors and education support assistants – it creates an ethos where everyone values every learning opportunity and devotes their time to creating experiences that move students’ learning forward.

However, the most remarkable aspect of Casterton College, Rutland is the students themselves. Their commitment to learning and to facing challenging problems is what moves us, and makes our staff want to strive for the levels they now reach. Our students show amazing resilience, a love of learning and a thirst to be the best that they can be. This ignites every teacher’s enthusiasm for their subject, resulting in an outstanding learning environment where staff and students value and respect each other. We now have an academy where we can see the greatness in each other, which enthuses and motivates us all.

As a result, there is no wonder that we are proud to be part of Casterton College, Rutland and value the time we spend here – on our journey to providing a level of education that truly is world class.

Casterton is 76 years old and has all the character of a school with a proud history. A mix of old and new buildings sit together on a huge site amongst fabulous grounds.

We don’t like the ‘shopping centre’ feel of many modern built schools. We believe a school should be alive with art and colour; even if the layout is a little eccentric. We celebrate success everywhere and want our students to feel wanted and loved. Children need nurturing, encouraging and inspiring and our environment does exactly that.

We have 900 students and over 50 classrooms but you’d never know it most of the time because the school has a calm, purposeful atmosphere. Our children open doors for each other and enjoy being in school. They are polite and hardworking, recognising our motto that ‘ability is not fixed’. We have Wi-fi throughout and every classroom is fully equipped with an interactive whiteboard. We also have a theatre, a large sports hall and a two storey café and restaurant. Our Science block boasts 8 laboratories and we have a large, well-stocked library. We even have a state of the art recording studio.

Whether you are buddying actor, sports star, scientist or politician our electives programme has something for you. There are over 70 activities to choose from and everyone takes part. This is why we have national sports champions in Judo, winners of major writing competitions, award winning cooks and artists that sell their work professionally. It is also why we have a fantastic record in the national maths challenge competition and potential Olympians.


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