Vision and Values

Visions and Values

The amazing thing about Casterton College, Rutland, is what happens every day in every lesson.

We out-perform every school in Stamford and Rutland by quite a distance. Our students achieve a grade more on average, in every subject, than at the nearest grammar schools and according to the National Teaching Awards, we have the best Maths department in England.

Behaviour in the college is outstanding, classrooms are calm and happy places and the conduct of students is exemplary. Teachers and students respect one another, and the atmosphere is positive and purposeful. This is why we attract, and retain, excellent teachers.

Casterton is also a very caring school. Ofsted reported last year that ‘bullying is rare’ and students are ‘polite, cheerful and positive’. They open doors for visitors, welcome newcomers and feel secure because they are in a school that provides them with a high level of personal support.

In two years, admissions have risen by 52% and we attract students from Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, and Peterborough as well as Rutland. We have a maximum intake of 180 in each year and our school is growing quickly but it remains small and we want to keep that way.

We owe our success to simple virtues; great teachers, excellent behaviour and an atmosphere of mutual respect. If you think your child would like to join us please contact the college at or call us on 01780 762168 and we’ll help you through the process.

Carl Smith



  • RT @phillengthorn: The fantastic @stephen_kelman popped in @CastertonColleg to have a chat with some of our Y10 & Y11s - it was a great aft
  • One of our students is relocating and it's her last day today. She bought us a delicious cake! We wish you the very best for the future Nancy and good luck in your new school. #lastdayofterm #rutland #stamford
  • RT @stephen_kelman: Fantastic visit to @CastertonColleg - thanks @phillengthorn for making it happen, and thanks to all you smart, cool Yr
  • RT @stephen_kelman: @phillengthorn @CastertonColleg Looking forward to it!
  • RT @phillengthorn: Award winning author @stephen_kelman will be popping into @CastertonColleg tomorrow - were all very excited!
  • RT @rutlandlibs: Ever wondered if your ancestors were suffragettes? You can search these records and much more, for FREE, in your local #Ru

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